Basic Movement

Movement and turning are treated as normal in the Commander’s Manual. The only difference is the obvious lack of hexes to guide movement. Instead ships will only line up their hex bases when they are touching. At all other times they will be ‘free floating’.

Since movement is still done by hex, a ship base is used as a movement guide.

If an extra ship base is available this makes play go far smoother.

Marking Position

If one is not available a ship in play will be used as the movement guide.

It is important to be able to return this ship to the exact starting position!

This position is marked by placing a Torpedo TokenĀ in a crook of the back 2 hexes of the base on one side and a Screening Token against the rear of the base.

The base can now be removed, used in movement, and later returned to the exact starting position.

Before starting you move you may want to mark the starting location of a moving ship in the same way. This allows you to redo a move without having to remember how to correctly reverse all the steps.

Beginning Movement

Place the Movement Aid alongside the moving ship and lock their bases flush without disturbing the moving ship.

Next hold the Movement Aid’s position steady and move the moving ship forward one hex.

Hold the moving ship’s position stable and place the Movement Aid one hex forward to reset. This can be repeated as needed.