Advanced Movement

Ships Overlapping During Movement

As with standard Leviathans, ships are allowed to move through other ships but may not end their turns in the same space.

There are 3 possible cases:

  • The ships will end up not occupying the same space
  • The ships will end up occupying the same space
  • The ships will end up occupying the same space and the moving ship attempts a successful ramming attack

If the ships will not end overlapping the move can just be completed as normal.

This may require placing the Movement Aid awkwardly on the stationary ship’s base. If this is the case simply do the best you can to stay accurate. Remember that heading direction is more important to preserve than absolute position. Firing arcs are more effected by heading changes where as distance inaccuracy can be fudged with little effect on game play.

If the ships are going to end overlapping the moving ship will be moved to the closest hex lock position with the bases touching. This will also happen when a ram is attempted but the ramming check is failed.

This 4 Hex ship cannot turn out of the way of this 3 hex ship.

First it must move as far as it intends to.

This causes an overlap.

The 4 Hex ship is then moved backwards, slightly to the side, and changes heading slightly to lock hexwise with the 3 Hex ship.

A successful ramming attack will displace the rammed ship and the ramming ship will end having moved into the space that was occupied the rammed ship.

The Ramming ship is moved until its base overlaps with the Rammed ship. The bases are locked hexwise as with an overlapping ship above. Last, use the Movement Aid to move both ships 1 hex in the direction of the Ramming ship’s heading.

Special Movement: Sideslip

Steering gear allows for sideslip moves. These function as described in the Commander’s Manual. The Movement Aid is simply turned as seen below. The ships is then advanced forward and to the side without changing heading.