Hex-less Leviathans

The large footprint of Leviathans can make it challenging to find a good play area.

While not the most streamlined way to play, it is possible to play Leviathans without hex maps. This can free up space, allow for circular arenas, or rolling battles.


Core Box Components

  • Ships and Hex Bases
  • Commander’s Manual
  • Torpedo Launch and Target Tokens
  • Leviathans Dice
  • Defensive and Offensive Screening Tokens
  • Line of Sight String
  • Ship cards

Other Components

  • Ruler
  • Yardstick (optional)

Additional Components Needed if Only Expansion Boxes are Available

  • A string about a yard long
  • A few quarters or like sized circular stand ins for Torpedo Token
  • A few rectangular cards about business card size or smaller for Screening Tokens

Initial ship placement is not as important and can be arranged as desired.
It is suggested that opposing fleets not start within gun range of each other.

Gameplay changes are:

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If you are going to play Hex-less go in knowing that positions are not going to be exact. Try to embrace the freedom from a map and the more analog nature of the experience.

If you must be a stickler for absolute precision keep in mind that any argument about range or position is to be resolved by the opposing opinion holders rolling dice, lowest wins.

If there is still disagreement, or a tie in dice, you must both do the honorable thing and put the game on hold, meet the following morning at dawn with pistols, and settle your score at 1000 paces. The winner’s opinion is considered correct. Good luck.