Finally Available

The first models are now available over on Shapeways.

These are the full set of German destroyer class Leviathans based on the cards from 8 Nations.

I have had to S1 printed so far and was pleased with the result.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ship Stands Now Available

The printer is finally outĀ of hibernation!
Replacement stands are the first items up on the shop.

These stands are compatible with the Original Leviathans with the exception that they do not support the Elevation optional rule.
Instead of swap-able elevators these stands raise different ship sizes to slightly different heights.

  • Type I’s sit where they would with the original bases
  • Type IIs and IIIs sit 1cm higher than original
  • Type IVs sit 2cm higher than original

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in different colors or other requests.

Printer Upgrade and Maintenance

The rollout of the ship models has been taking longer than I expected. This has mostly been due to a long cascading process of needed maintenance on the 3D printer we are using. The upshot is that some of the parts are being upgraded, most notably the extruding nozzle now has a smaller hole. This will slow down production since the finer layers will take longer to build. On the other hand the models should be capable of a finer detail. We are still working the bugs out and it is still possible that we will have to go back to the old size for a variety of reasons. It turns out these printers are complicated, way beyond my understanding and patience. A big thanks to Alex for working the technical side of things.

However, if he manages stabilize this process like a boss, this might be the new standard of ship pieces:

These were taken with a camera that has actual optics and a macro setting so you should give a pretty realistic impression of the models, warts and all.