Printer Upgrade and Maintenance

The rollout of the ship models has been taking longer than I expected. This has mostly been due to a long cascading process of needed maintenance on the 3D printer we are using. The upshot is that some of the parts are being upgraded, most notably the extruding nozzle now has a smaller hole. This will slow down production since the finer layers will take longer to build. On the other hand the models should be capable of a finer detail. We are still working the bugs out and it is still possible that we will have to go back to the old size for a variety of reasons. It turns out these printers are complicated, way beyond my understanding and patience. A big thanks to Alex for working the technical side of things.

However, if he manages stabilize this process like a boss, this might be the new standard of ship pieces:

These were taken with a camera that has actual optics and a macro setting so you should give a pretty realistic impression of the models, warts and all.

A Strange Place

It is strange to find myself in this situation. I certainly didn’t set out work on a full expansion for Leviathans. I just wanted more. There was certainly more to be had from the Leviathans world. Clearly the designers were working on more. Then all the progress stopped. I waited, knowing the developers said it would be a while.

Eventually I became impatient. I worked with what they left us. I started to imagine what they might have intended. I knew full well that this was desperate grasping at straws but it kept me occupied and satisfied for a time.

My interest was roused again around the time Battlefield 1 came out on PC. It may seem an odd connection but it renewed in me an interest in world war 1. I began catching up on the youtube channel ‘The Great War’ and doing other light research. Reminded of the Leviathans world’s close proximity in time I began looking at the flavor materials again. It gave me a new respect for the level of research and historic understanding the designers put into their game. For me, it is what sets Leviathans apart from so many other similar things.

Leviathans is a world that could have been. Reasonably. It is not your typical fanciful steam punk gears and cogs all willy-nilly. Leviathans is restrained but epic, realistic but incredible, stayed but inspiring.

It was the world that drove me to expand on Leviathans. In the end the mechanics were just there to help me along. I wanted to see what happened next. How does Japan recover from Tsushima? What does it mean to have Tesla and Edison bringing their electrical masteries to an otherwise fledgeling American Navy? As I answered these questions for myself the expanded mechanics grew up around them. I’m under no illusion that my answers are correct, just a version of what might be when official Leviathans returns.