Finally Available

The first models are now available over on Shapeways.

These are the full set of German destroyer class Leviathans based on the cards from 8 Nations.

I have had to S1 printed so far and was pleased with the result.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Ship Stands Now Available

The printer is finally out of hibernation!
Replacement stands are the first items up on the shop.

These stands are compatible with the Original Leviathans with the exception that they do not support the Elevation optional rule.
Instead of swap-able elevators these stands raise different ship sizes to slightly different heights.

  • Type I’s sit where they would with the original bases
  • Type IIs and IIIs sit 1cm higher than original
  • Type IVs sit 2cm higher than original

Feel free to contact us if you are interested in different colors or other requests.

Optional Rule: Path Blocking

Path Blocking with Offensive Screening –

If a ship has declared offensive screening target it may then choose to block the path of that ship.

  • The target cannot move through hexes occupied by the screening ship
  • The target may try to push through and move as normal
  1. The targeted ship must succeed in a ramming check
  2. The screening ship may then make its own ramming check to force the ram against itself and block further movement
  3. If the screening ship fails the ramming check the targeted ship passes unhindered as if it were unblocked